Food not lawns

We’re happy to announce another garden in the Mission!!
 As word begins to spread about and what we are trying to do, Mission residents are hopping on board.  On Monday we officially gained generous access to another garden.  Although small we’re confident that we’ll be able to make a great use of this space.  In addition to being generally beautiful it already has some apple trees that can be restored to health.  The residents were excited and eager to support us and participate with our project.  We share their enthusiasm and they have our deepest gratitude for their generosity.  
Early next week we’ll start in on transforming this space into a super garden.  First we’ll be taking a stab at the sod to get at the earth below.  It is good for us that it is mostly dead. This should make removal a bit easier.  After we get down and dirty with the sod, we’ll have to send away that soil to ensure that it is healthy to grow in.  After that I’d like to invest in some perennial herbs to start planting back there so they get a good head start for spring.  In the mean time, I’ll be drawing up some plans of what the space might end up looking like.  My initial guess is that it will be a good space for growing peppers, squash and tomatoes in summer.  Next week I should be able to post more pics of our progress.  
Fungus among us:

It seems that we’ve got some fungal friends popping up at our other garden.  The combination of the recent rains and the full shade we’ve been getting back there has encouraged some growth of some pretty great looking mushrooms that look to me like they might be Agaricus Californicus. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me when I discovered them so I don’t have a photo.  If in fact they are Agaricus Californicus they are mildly poisonous and should not be eaten.  However, the good news is that it seems as though the garden will be a great habitat for some cultivated culinary mushrooms.  I plan to experiment with oyster and shitake mushrooms back there in the coming weeks.  We’ll keep you updated as to how that pans out.  

Link of the week:

This week I thought that I would mention Local Foods Wheel.
The local foods wheel is a really creative way to have consumers be conscious of what they are eating.  It is 12″ illustrated cardboard chart that informs Bay Area eaters what is in season when.  I think this is a great idea.  It is a really creative way to teach people to alter their palates with regards to seasonality.  Eating seasonally has many benefits that we know of not to mention many that, I am sure, await discovery.  Stay local, stay seasonal with the local foods wheel.  Check it out.  

Be well, 


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