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Dear Readers, 
Although it has been some time since our last post, we can assure you that we’ve been hard at work here at Amyitis.  While enjoying the warmth and glow of these holiday and inaugural seasons, we’ve been toiling away here to insure our success for the seasons that lay in wait.  We’ve been so hard at work, both at our day jobs and at the gardens, we’ve only found time now to get you caught up.
Taking swift advantage of the recent Bay Area warm spell, we motivated to get some timely projects and experiments finished.  Thus far, the results of these projects are getting us really excited as we move forward into the spring and summer seasons.  Along the way, the owners of gardens #2, showed incredible enthusiasm and generosity by having raised beds built in their yard.  This huge commitment on their behalf was humbling and inspiring.  We’re unfailingly grateful to them and their efforts to keep Amyitis alive and well.  On a day this past week I helped Michele, Amy and their builder Lucas clear brush, trees and stumps from the space to prepare for the beds.  A day later Lucas had finished the beds, and beautifully.  The before and after photos below truly speak for themselves.  But rather than ramble on here, I will let the photos do the talking.  Scroll down for a tour of what we’ve been up to.  
Happy reading,

From top:
1) Starts in our “start room” in the basement of Boogaloos
2) Jessie tending to the trays
3) MFS lettuce dicots for head lettuce
4) Hericium erinaceus or Lion’s Mane mushroom grown in our home kitchen
5) The Author with kitchen grown Shiitakes
6) Before and after photos of garden #2 under construction of beds
7) Garlic sprouting in garden #1 planted a couple of months ago.
Link of the Week:
Check out Novella Carpenter’s blog at
Novella is someone I met two years ago when I was looking to get my hands dirty.  After just having moved to the city from Vermont, I was unsure of how to get involved in the urban agriculture movement I knew was happening all around me.  As I applied for jobs I quickly realised that no job in urban farming was going to pay my San Francisco rent. Through my consistent search for a good fit, I was directed to Novella through a friend of mine.  Novella was kind enough to have me come over to her very unique garden/mini-farm operation in the east bay once or twice weekly to see how she ran things and volunteer.  She, unwittingly, is the inspiration for the blog you read today and quite possibly Amyitis itself.  Do check out her sight and read on.  What she has done and continues to do in urban agriculture is groundbreaking and fearless.  I applaud her efforts and achievements.  If you read her blog, you may too.  

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  1. bees&cheese

    Wow, those before and after pictures are really something!

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