Beyond Fog and Fences

This past weekend my co-worker Jenny and I made a pilgrimage to Healdsburg, CA to visit the home of Naomi Brilliant at the epicenter of Roshambo Winery. So taken was I by the sight of her winsome home nestled beneath one of N. California’s oldest oak trees; amidst acres of vines and open farmland that I failed to grab a good snapshot of the place for the blog. Instead of clicking my camera shutter open and closed the lids of my eyes and the gaping of my jaw were recording the greatness of the space. With each new turn on the tour my mind was brimming with ideas and coursing through possibilities for spaces like these. For those that know me, It’s been no secret that having a place like this to call my home has been the subject of both my waking and restful dreams since I finished my first season on the farm in Vermont. Farming in the city is great and fun, but there’s nothing like a farm, a real farm. At Naomi’s we experienced a space that is just relative moments away from the reaching the fruition of my long-held dreams. It was both an overwhelming and inspirational visit.


The reason for our visit was because of Timothy Holt, part owner of both Weird Fish and The Corner. Over the past year he’s seen the progress of Amyitis both within his restaurant and in my scheming. It just so happens that during the past year he would meet and fall in love with Naomi Brilliant at Roshambo. Between her dream of turning vines into vegetables and Timothy’s drive to learn and sustain his restaruants in an intelligent way the began scheming themselves. Now with ideas being tossed into the pot, I was brought up to help stir and share some of my elbow-grease. In exchange for some gorgeous (just like back in VT) meals, Jenny and I put in some labor and built gopher-proof raised beds for their garden. It sure was nice to get out of the fog for a day or two. The gardens have slowed down because of it, and I suppose I have too. The mental and physical recharge was essential.



Happy gardening.



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One response to “Beyond Fog and Fences

  1. Central valley Im telling you. farm, sunshine and river swimmin!

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