Copy_of_IMG_1078.JPGThe things that I forget often astound me. The gardens really teach you about that too; they never stop growing, turning, moving, changing.  While we bipeds are caught in a mental fog so much of the time, the garden is aware and awake.  I have recently been reminded of how to listen, be still, and tap in to that type of waking awareness.  As a farmer, if you slow yourself down enough to listen to what the plants have to say, you will know how to work with them.  They will tell you about their pests and diseases, their triumphs, and the balance they hold with their environment.  If you let her, nature, even amidst the concrete hustle of the cityscape, will have a conversation with you.

My two good friends in the Methow Valley of Washington State are professional earth talkers.  Chis Doree and Lexi Kotch are the owners and founders of Ancestree Herbals.  They have been cultivation a vision and a farm there for many years.  Their farm business provides fresh and dried medicinal herbs and plant medicines to people all over the country.  In their magical Cascade Mountain terabithia, they have listened to the words of the land to produce amazing medicines that both heal and teach. Their talents and accolades are innumerate.  Rather than list them here, I encourage you to visit their site and pass it along to anyone and everyone interested in food and medicine.

My two good friends are reminders for me about the importance of one’s relationship with the land.  Their success story should be a lesson to all who work with that which feeds us.  All to easily, the pervasive dollars-and-cents mentality rules our thinking and subsequently our actions.  But, a couple of minutes spent talking with a garden reminds you that we live in abundance; our potential is abundant.  It is easy, too easy, to think about our wallets and forget that food and friends and generosity really keep the globe spinning.  It is about time I give Chris and Lexi a call. I could use some medicine myself.

happy gardening,


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