Eating In

IMG_2490This week Amyitis Gardens participated with thousands of Americans across the country in the “Time For Lunch Eat-In” hosted by Slow Food USA.  The Eat-In was and event in several city locations aimed at raise awareness about food in our school systems.  The pot-luck style event had local vendors, businesses, and individuals bring something to eat and share over swapped stories and gastro-gabbing.  It was great to see all of the families and business that came to support such an important issue.  While the event had a pretty good turn out, more people there would have been a plus as there were opportunities to make some political noise.  On each table there were pens, paper provided and mailing addresses to many government policy makers thus allowing participants to make their views known by mailing a letter.  It is important to remember that every letter counts.

In addition to several speakers from slow food there were some great food related activities at the event such as a planting demo provided by Sloat Gardens and sushi rolling instructions for kids provided by local sushi chefs.  Eatwell Farm was there giving away samples of their new lacto-fermented soda called Eatwell Soda and Amyitis was there representing our support for food consciousness and  awareness by encouraging people to farm their yard.  People must have liked our Lemony Kale Salad because there wasn’t a shred left at the end of meal!  Here are some pics from the event.  Go to to become a IMG_2478member and show your support.IMG_2489



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