Mother Earthy

IMG_1498After a once in a lifetime travel experience in Australia and New Zealand, my mother paid me a visit on her way back through the states to PA.  While it is always nice for me to have a visit with my parents, this one has held some really special events.  During her stay, my mother has seen Amyitis in full swing during our busy harvest season and tasted the fruits of our labor at The Corner.

Before I set her to work we had an extraordinary evening meal at The Corner.  Since its opening, The Corner has strived to be the next up-and-coming locavore’s playground.  Offering fresh Amyitis veggies from Mission District back yards, local wines, cheeses, and charcuterie, the menu aims to please a diverse range of locally tuned palates.  Its beautifully and simply designed space feels hip but yet unpretentious at the same time.  Now with new NYC chef (and Grammercy Tavern alum) Alex Jackson, the place has gone from the culinary runway to gastronomic hyperspace.  While most of it has been a team effort, it is obvious that the star player here is Chef Alex.

Alex Jackson is the type of chef who wants to know your name and make you the best meal you’ve ever had.  He doesn’t appear to care if you know your confit from coulis but he might make you a sample of both to try.  He wears a smile and a collected cool unseen in many busy kitchens.  We were lucky enough to have the chef’s menu on Wednesday night.  Our biggest favorites were the Panchetta Potato Salad, the Braised Pork Cheek with Roast Peaches and Tallegio, and the Confit of Tuna.  And if those menu peeks aren’t enough to drive you in there, it is important to note that their wine list is impressive and diverse enough to work up any appetite.

I am extremely grateful to have my mother visiting here to see such a great sample of what we have to offer here in this great city.  More importantly, I am beyond grateful to have Amyitis Gardens be a part of the experience that makes this city great.

Happy gardening,


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