Mirror Mirror

One doesn’t have a sense of humor.  It has you”   -Larry Gelbart

David6I don’t know who it was that said “show yourself to the world, and the world will show itself to you”.  In fact, maybe it was me that said that after all….err maybe not.  At any rate, this week we at Amyitis found some truth and humor to that sentiment. In this case, it wasn’t so much me who was putting myself out there as our new Amyitis team member Katie Conry.  As you may remember, Katie recently joined Amyitis to spread the digital-word by helping us develop our web presence.  Well, as it turns out, she’s on fire!  Within a week or two we’ve seen a huge spike in blog traffic due to Katie’s management and enterprise.  Last week, Katie thought it would be fun to submit a photo of me to The Huffington Post‘s “Hot Farmer” contest as a good way to reconnect with Amyitis’s fanbase and network with the farming community at large.  The results that we’ve seen are both flattering and well….hilarious.

Photo 8 Amyitis Gardens and its apparently not-so-humble founder, yours truly, quickly found himself at #1 on the Huffington Post contest after a preliminary email blast explained the competition to our fans and supporters.  Before the email I found myself at #4. Needless to say, I am flattered and amazed (especially since I didn’t think said photo exploited my best traits, my personality ;-)).

What does this mean, you ask?  Well, besides having a little fun with a farmer’s ego while simultaneously exploiting terrible puns with words ‘hoes’, ‘growing’, and ‘dirty’, it could really mean a lot for Amyitis.  If we win the contest, we get the chance to be guest bloggers on huffingtonpost.com plus the added benefit of increasing our web presence and fan base.  We are aiming to create an Amyitis community through this blog and our farms.  On a serious note, this is a really silly way to promote our burgeoning network of small farmers nation wide.  Amyitis doesn’t believe in real competition within the farming community.  We strive to connect and support others that are helping move our nation to a new and continually evolving food consciousness.  By participating with this competition you are helping to advertise a food movement that is doing just that. We might as well have fun doing it, no?  So, what are you waiting for?  Stroke my ego and vote ’10’ for David Stockhausen.  Your support for the food movement is just a click away.

Apparently Ready Made Magazine thinks it’s quite a bit of fun too.  They have mentioned the contest and consequently Amyitis Gardens on their website at ReadyMade.Com.  Why not see how far we can take this?

Happy Voting,


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