A little bird told me…….


“We’re not just farming veggies, we’re farming a community” is my latest catch phrase.  It’s true, nothing fosters a greater sense of gratitude within me than getting to work with the land and the people who are connected to it.  Each day that we at Amyitis move forward through the seasons, we’re connecting with more and more people eager to share the experience, knowledge, and passion that comes with working with food and community.  And, this week has been no exception.  We’ve seen such a dramatic and beautiful response to this Huffington Post contest.  Amyitis would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who’s been voting for us and to all of the contestants who are participating.  Our fellow contestants are our nation-wide heroes; what a fun way to share information about our National Farming Community! We have no idea when HP plans to close the contest so you might as well keep on voting for us. Help us spread the national word about SF backyard farming!

Prep School

IMG_0850 While I’ll never stop missing Vermont Fall trees, smells, and colors, I have come to appreciate what the Northern California Coast has to offer in terms of its relative seasons.  There is just enough of a fall feeling in the air to keep me going at this time of year.  The air is crisper, the sun lower, the dreamy light more dreamy, and the tasks around winter preparations are….well…similar.  This past Wednesday we had a couple of volunteers at the gardens helping us with our garlic planting.  For those that don’t know, garlic is often planted in the fall to “over-winter” like many spring bulbs.  It is then allowed to grow usually through July in most cases when it is harvested and “cured” for several weeks before processing.  In our case, because of our backyard city scale we’ll likely not allow 80% of our garlic to mature.  We’ll harvest a great deal of it in the spring and sell it as green garlic.  Green garlic has an earthy, hearty flavor that is coveted by chefs everywhere.  It works for us too because it frees up some much-needed space for spring planting.  IMG_0854IMG_0852 While we were on a roll, we took some time to re-mineralize the soil that’s served us so well all summer long.  With some rock dust from a local quarry, volunteer Stephanie Haney adds a light coating of essential minerals to fortify our soil and prepare for some winter planting.

In Other News.

We have an upcoming event on November 7th here at the 111 Minna Gallery in SOMA.  We’re happy to be a part of an event supporting Slow Food SF and the women’s Initiative.  We’ll be there with bells on giving away free seeds and a raffle prize worth over $100 dollars! For more info go to our events page and mark your calendar. Also, our fans can now follow us on Twitter.  Catch updates, news, and the latest blog posts with our tweets. Simply go to http://twitter.com/amyitisgardens. and follow us!

Happy Farming,


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