“Elmo, you and I are going to plant some carrot seeds.”

Michelle Obama has proven herself to be (probably) the most powerful ally in the local food movement.

With the White House Kitchen Garden, Mrs. Obama is showing the country that the best way to change eating habits is to get out there and start digging in the ground. The vegetable garden has been a rousing success, and sparked a lot of dialogue, school field trips, TV show appearances, and apparently some really amazing yams.

Via Huffington Post Green

Mrs. Obama has created both the White House Kitchen Garden and the White House Farmer’s Market, and she is actively striving to create a discourse regarding changing the way we eat. She commented, “I hope the garden will be an introduction to a new way for our country to think about food.” (Via Huffington Post Green.) Recent television appearances all seem part of her plan to mainstream the discussion of local, safe, and nutritious food.

Michelle Obama stopped by Sesame Street yesterday and spoke to Big Bird and Elmo about growing food and being healthy.

A White House Kitchen Garden Top Chef episode featuring Mrs. Obama is coming soon.

Via The New York Times

Plus, she really truly does have some amazing clothes, doesn’t she?

The official Kitchen Garden video:

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3 responses to ““Elmo, you and I are going to plant some carrot seeds.”

  1. I’ve always said that Michelle Obama has some great gams. Oh wait, you said yams. Well, those are nice, too.

  2. you know who else is wonderful? Sam Kass, the Obama’s self taught chef/child nutrition policy maker/locavore.


  3. That guy is such a rock star!

    “It’s great that someone who is still physically in the kitchen, chopping, dicing, roasting, physically cooking, not just talking about cooking, would be part of that discussion.”

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